Ecommerce Management Education

Executive Directors & Leadership Team

"E-ecommerce moves really fast and our education must move really fast with it."

Founder & CEO
Jeffry Graham 
PE & VC Funded Executive
Speaker | Author | Ecommerce Course Developer
Endorsed By Top Companies & Industry Leaders
1+ Billion In E-commerce Sales 
Accredited Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Course Creator 
Graduate & Post Graduate Programs
Co-Founder & COO
Damon Pistulka
CEO Exit Your Way
Speaker | Trainer | Problem Solver
Ecommerce Operations & Sustainability
Transacted Numerous Ecommerce Companies
Founder of B2B Tail 
Curt Anderson 
Author | Speaker | Master Trainer 
Ecommerce Specialist | Associations | SBDC | MEP & Higher Education Partnerships
Executive Sales Leadership 
Wesleyne Greer 
CEO @ Transformed Sales 
With 15+ years in sales and leadership focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing) 
Former chemist that became an international sales manager

Attached to this leadership team is a massive bench of the best professionals in e-commerce!

238 Expert Ecommerce Growth Teammates Over 65,421 Development Hours

Finding the world of Digital Marketing and eCommerce daunting and overwhelming? 
Well, your business deserves the BEST!
Successfully navigating the treacherous waters of eCommerce requires a trusted guide. 
Over the past 20 years, the team at Ecommerce EDU has helped countless businesses grow their online sales, improve customer conversions, increased visitor traffic and significantly enhance their customer loyalty. 
You need a seasoned team by your side in the trenches to win this fight. 
A team committed to understanding your eCommerce goals. 
The war cry at Ecommerce EDU is “Let’s execute, executing when it matters is the difference between winning & losing” – Damon Pistulka CEO –
 The intention is to help you succeed while avoiding the painful and expensive pitfalls that causes many online businesses to failTimes are changing and US companies are at a disadvantage. Ecommerce EDU was created to companies in the US win online.
Consider our team your team of eCommerce partners dedicated to your success. 
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