The state of b2b ecommerce 2021

Today’s buyers want to research, shop, and order on their own terms, on their own time, and with any device. They want self-service eCommerce.

But in B2B eCommerce for manufacturing companies, it’s not as simple as selecting any eCommerce solution, plugging it into your website, and offering your product catalog online. Considering no two manufacturers are alike, Ecommerce MGMT is designed to be the most flexible manufacturer eCommerce solution for B2B businesses.

Manufacturers looking to grow sales through their distribution channels will appreciate ecommerce managements online reseller webinars. Creating personalized portals for distributors, wholesalers, or retailers. Enabling your customers to order online with contract pricing and custom curated catalogs. Ecommerce Management offer buyers personalized experiences from the moment they log in. You can even use our built-in CRM to track which of your wholesalers and retailers are your best performers. From front to back we have your ecommerce solutions covered.

Selling direct to customers offers numerous benefits for manufacturers including higher margins, better brand visibility, and access to invaluable customer data. However, it is necessary to ensure that their B2C initiatives do not harm their existing distribution channels. Ecommerce Management provides flexible eCommerce workflows that can support any manufacturer-distributor relationship.

By Ecommerce MGMT