Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ecommerce Education

1. Who is Ecommerce EDU? 

Ecommerce EDU is a cooperative committed to one thing, increasing your ecommerce and traditional sales. The providers in our cooperative are different from independent service provider, because they have come together specifically for the benefit of the cooperative members & they are dedicated to using the right solution for each member situation.

What Is the Purpose of an Ecommerce Management Cooperative?

Many people often waste time trying things before they get ecommerce sales going like they want.  The Ecommerce MGMT cooperative has bundled all the resources needed to grow your sales.  The cooperative brings these resources together in a way that give businesses the right help needed and a low-risk option backed up with a results based guarantee.  The cooperative allows companies with limited resources leverage the cooperative’s experience to give your business the resources of more powerful companies.

What is the Main Goal of this Cooperative?

This cooperative works relentlessly to help US Based companies win big using ecommerce and digital sales methods. We are much stronger together than individually!

Minimizing costs incurred during the ecommerce ramp up and on going management is the goal. This highly effective strategy allows members to compete with larger companies that possess deeper pockets, as well as obtain products and services that would otherwise be unavailable due to costs and knowledge constraints.

Ecommerce MGMT: Built purely to benefit our members and providers!

Over the last 20 years, we have helped many businesses to grow their online sales, improve customer conversion, increase visitor traffic and significantly enhance their customer loyalty. We all didn’t gain our experience Monday morning quarterbacking. We got it being in the trenches and being in the fight. All of us have built and successfully scaled and developed many ecommerce companies over the years. Establishing partnerships all major channel partners and cart providers. We are loyal to our customers goals. We know if we help our customers win online, we win. C’mon everyone likes a win win situation.

While we have worked with some large brands, we have also worked with many start-ups on store-string budgets. We offer a flexible way of working and will always over-deliver. Simply tell us where you need to help and we will advise on the best way forward. Our intention is to help you succeed and avoid the painful and expensive pitfalls that causes many online businesses to fail. We have made all of the mistakes for you not to have to make the same ones.

Unlike many marketing companies, our advice and recommendations are based 100% on proven experience. We have worked both supplier and client side for brands where we have delivered first class results, so we understand expectations and accountability. We also do not employ any illegal or ‘black hat’ marketing techniques to cut corners. But we do know how to maximize your time and money for the best results.

Every piece of work & advice we provide is clear, legal and transparent. It is important to build a solid base and a good name for your online business, so we only focus on the legitimate activities that deliver results in the most efficient way for your budget.

We do not cut corners for a quick win.

We do not tell you what you want to hear.

We are sometimes brutally honest because it’s the only way we can make your business online a success.

Our courses and plans are extremely affordable and are only a fraction of the cost of most groups who often charge around $200 plus per hour. As a cooperative we provide buying power in the betterment of the group of members. With top professionals all over the US working as one!

2.Is there a refund/cancellation policy?

Yes, we do not hold anyone hostage. You may request a refund or cancel at any time.  We believe in our work and the results we will provide you. Please just email for any discrepancies / refunds or cancellations.

3.What is FREE with membership mean?

As long as you are an active member of the Ecommerce Management Cooperative almost all of our education courses and events are FREE.

4.Are there any requirements to study any course?

The only requirement we have is that you work hard and make a positive impact.

No, anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to take our course. There are no entry requirements to take this course.

5.Do I require to have finished high school to complete this course?

No, we do not have any need for prerequisites.  

No, you do not require a High School Diploma or to have finished school to study this course, this course is open to anyone who would like to take this course.

6.What if English is not my first language?

We do offer some courses in other languages. Please reach out to us and we will see what we can do for you.

This course is provided in English, however, due to the digital nature of our training, you can take your time studying the material and make use of tools such as google translate and Grammarly.

7.Is this course online or conducted in person?

The majority of our courses are conducted online. But we have conducted courses in person at various institutions and events.

All our courses are accessible online on any device. You may complete them at your own pace and at your own time.

8.How do I receive my course?

Once you join the Cooperative you will have a login and password so you can access the courses and educational events and networking groups etc.

After you have completed the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and tax receipt. You will also receive an email containing your course login details (username and password), as well as instructions on how to access and log in to your course via the internet with any device, please check your junk/spam folder in the event that you do not receive the email.

9.When does this course start?

The majority of courses start right away. But in some group courses we have set dates that the courses will start on.

Providing you have internet access you can start this course whenever you like, just go to the login page and insert your username and password and you can access the online material.

10.What is online learning like?

We have done things a bit different. Our learning is very interactive and there is real world feedback. We do not teach like many other institutions we are very hands on. We also make major modifications to courses as the market and technology changes. Things move fast in ecommerce so we do our best to stay on top of things.

Online learning is easy, if not easier than a traditional academic situation. By studying an online course, the usual boundaries caused by location and time constraints are eliminated, meaning you are free to study where and when you want at your own pace. Of course, you will need to be able to self-manage your time and be organized, but with our help, you’ll soon find yourself settling into a comfortable rhythm of study.

11.What computer skills do I need for my course?

You will need basic computer skills to take our courses. We will not have you coding on day one 😊 Take courses that make sense for your skill level.

You don’t need to be a computer expert to succeed with our online training, but you should be comfortable typing, using the internet and be capable of using common software (such as Microsoft word).

12.How long will you have access to the online course?

Typically, you have to start the course within 30 days of joining. We want to make sure we hold you accountable to your goals.

There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. Once you have purchased this course you will have unlimited lifetime access, meaning you can access this course whenever you want.

13.How long will my course take?

Course lengths vary from 6 hours to over 14 weeks. So it depends on the course and the amount of time you dedicate completing the course.

14. Do I need to buy textbooks?

No we like saving trees 😊

All the required material for your course is included in the online system, you do not need to buy anything else.

15.Is the course interactive?

Yes, our courses are interactive. Especially when you get into more advanced courses or full programs.

Yes, all our courses are interactive.

16.Is there an assessment or exam?

Yes, each course has some level of assessment. This is more for your measurement than ours. We want you to retain the information you are being taught so we will challenge that thinking in our assessments.

Yes, you will be required to complete a multiple-choice test online at the end of your course, you can do this test as many times as you require.

17.What type of certificate will I receive?

You will receive a certificate of completion within a few days.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion that is applicable worldwide, which demonstrates your commitment to learning new skills. You can share the certificate with your friends, relatives, co-workers and employers. Also, include it in your resume/CV, professional social media profiles and job applications.

Our completion certificates are very valuable and will help you progress in your work environment and show employers how committed you are to learn new skills.

18.Will this course be credited by universities?

Yes, there some universities will apply credits for our courses. We are working diligently to have all courses and certificates accredited.

No, it is not equivalent to a college or university credit.

19.Am I guaranteed to get a job with this certificate?

There are no guarantees in life but it sure will give you a leg up on the competition and show employers your commitment to ecommerce. Employers will look highly on completing our courses.

This course will give you the skills you need to help you obtain employment, but it’s up to you if you get the job or not.

20.How will this course assist me with my career?

You can not go wrong learning ecommerce. It is a need space with major talent gaps you could help fill. Without a doubt in our mind this will help your career.

Studying and completing this course will show employers that you have the knowledge in this field, additionally you will gain more confidence in this area of expertise.

21.How long is the certificate valid for?

Our courses do not expire but technology changes so they may be obsolete over a period of time. We will offer refresher courses and course redesigns as new technology and strategies come into play.

The Certificates are valid for life and do not need renewing. 

22.Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you are retaining the information and not moving to fast.

Courses are studied online at your own pace and you are free to study as many or as few courses as you wish, we also offer online course bundles that allow you to save on additional courses so that you may get all the topics related to your training goals in one go.

23.What are the Payment Methods available? Is there a payment plan?

We offer payments for certain courses and certificate programs. We also offer scholarship opportunities. Just submit a scholarship essay to for our review.

24.Can I purchase for multiple people?

Yes you may. Many of the businesses we work with have multiple employees taking various courses all at the same time.

Yes, you can do this by purchasing individually via website or send us a request via email at

25.Can I request for an invoice before purchase?

Yes, that is not a problem. Just submit that to

Yes, you can request for an invoice via email at

26.Purchase for a gift?

Yes you may. That is not a problem just reach out to to set that up.

Yes, you can purchase this course as a gift, simply send an email to, with the course details and we can accommodate this.

27. Can I create my own course bundle?

Yes you may pick courses you would like to take and sign up for them creating your own course bundle.

Yes, you can customize your own bundle. Please send us the complete list with the exact course link of the courses you’d like to bundle up via email and we will create them for you. *Each course access, time of completion and certification varies depending on the course type.

28.How will I contact Ecommerce EDU if I have any questions?

Courses Just send us an email or call us. Click this link for our contact page.


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