Online Product Pricing and AI Optimized Pricing Tools For Manufacterers!

How growing from a competition based pricing strategy to a strategic pricing model can effectively multiply your businesses profitability and customer happiness and retention.

Talk to any eCommerce company and you’ll notice how product and pricing managers try to match their competitors pricing. Pricing their products blindly based on competitor prices. For decades, retail companies have monitored their competition to match or price cut their competition. This has been a silent habit that worked for years.

But today while mobile shopping has turned the power for people eCommerce companies are struggling to keep their pricing inline with the market.

It’s time to move from plain monitoring to understanding how profits are made more effectively online.

You see, right pricing produce happy customers that are more than happy to receive your marketing messages in the future as well. Price has become the new black in eCommerce. Did you know that according to a study done by The E-tailing Group Inc. 54% of regular web shoppers in USA do online research before making a purchase. Also 80% of consumers in the same study name Price as “critical/very important”. Price, for any eCommerce company, has become a burning problem.

With Ecommerce MGMT pricing tools you can make sure you have a right momentum on the market. This is something we have spent almost a decade refining.

We use a weighted ranking system that helps you weigh your product pricing by volume, profit, sales revenue and use cases. 

Start winning again. Increase your profits and grow your sales with our pricing optimization strategy and tools.

We have designed and develop proprietary pricing tools that our members will have access too. 

Lets talk about your pricing and winning online.