One on One Training & Support Generates Greater Returns for You!

Execute the appropriate strategies with the guidance to do it right!

Each one on one training and support session combines completing the homework from the previous training session(s) along with customizing the digital strategy of the company to fit your needs.  
The instructors will review with your people and recommend actions.
Then they will support the staff in implementing these strategies into your business.
Each Weekly Session Includes:
  • Instructor review and meeting preparation
  • 1 hour one on one meeting to coordinate/execute as appropriate
  • Email support
Additional support time or specialized resources are also available.  Just talk to your instructor.


Top performing companies recognize the importance of training their people to execute.  The training with one on one support allows your people to do it right! 
71% of CEOs cited human capital, ahead of products, customer relationships and brands as the leading source of sustained economic value.
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Why choose us? The Cooperative Advantage of course!

Embracing the right level of training, enablement and engagement can dramatically reduce attrition and safeguard the investment made in hiring. Employees who do not feel they can achieve their career goals at their current organization are 12 times more likely to consider leaving than employees who do feel they can achieve their career goals. Even worse, this number skyrockets to about 30 times more likely for new employees. Considering the amount companies invest in the recruitment process and the time lost to filling the same role again, the impact to performance and margin can be significant.
65% of global leaders cite “talent and leadership shortages” as their #1 business challenge and with some skill areas, a full 90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful. We will look at the recommended action that companies can take to drive the right skills and look at how to link training to the business goals. We will review the benefits of a skilled workforce and techniques to help you measure the ROI of training.
In addition CEOs ranked “People Skills” in top 4 “External forces impacting the enterprise”. 84% of employees in Best Performing Organizations are receiving the training they need compared with 16% in the worst performing companies.