Increasing Website Conversions!

There are many areas on a website where visitors are lost. Whether you run on Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce or another platform, every page has the opportunity to cost you valuable sales where people just leave. On most websites it is often the same pages too. I can help you to fix those problems and convert more visitors into paying customers.
Stop losing sales online!
We will show you how to prevent this ‘sales losses’. Well also show you how to improve the ‘money making pages’ on your site. These are the ones that achieve the best number of click-thrus, add-to-cart and cart conversions. We will show you how to structure your pages properly, what content to place on the page, what content to take off the page, where to show the vital sales information, where to position buy buttons and how to generate the most customer enquiries.


Small Tweaks Can Make a BIG impact. Its a game of inches. 


Improving your websites cart conversions as little as 2%, keeping website visitors on your site for 60 seconds longer or getting them to sign up for your newsletter can have a large difference between winning and losing online. 

 Improving You Customers Confidence and Building Trust Online. 
An online store or website will work more efficiently if your customers have confidence in your products, your services, your site and you as a business. To create this confidence you need to ensure you tick all the boxes that customers want to see so they feel confident that they can trust you.
These confidence signals are made up of a mixture of design, content, messaging and familiarity. Customers expect to see a slick, well oiled website that meet’s their requirements, feels safe and sells products or services that are good quality.

Site Conversion Audit


Improving customer confidence and on-site conversion is quick and easy to implement. Our simple Site Conversion Audit will highlight the areas on your site need that need improvement and how to do it for optimum benefit.
We have worked on a lot of websites across manufacturing so we have a clear idea of what customers want to see to push those all-important buy buttons. This audit is delivered in document that is easy to understand, easy to digest and easy to follow.
Check it out!