How To Attract More Website Visitors

Attracting More Website Visitors!

Increasing traffic to your website is obviously important but the people that arrive need to be the right customers. Attracting visitors who are not interested in your products and services will have a detrimental effect on your business and your conversion rates will be poor. In essence, the more targeted your traffic, the better chance you have of converting them into sales and the more revenue you will generate.
We have spent 15 years helping companies to find the right customers for their products and services. We can help you to identify your target customer and work with you on a plan to attract them to your website. Once they are there, I will show you how to keep them and drive more revenue from them.
Wondering what ways we use that can increase website traffic?
There are a number of ways and means that can attract new and repeat visitors to your website but not all of these will be beneficial to you online business.
You can find yourself with 10,000 visitors coming to your online store every day but if nobody is buying from you then you either have a serious problem with type of people you are attracting or with the way your purchasing process works.
Getting the right people onto your site will increase your sales and customer loyalty.
Ways to increase visitor traffic?
The benefit of the internet, above other forms of lead generation, is that there are so many ways to bring people to your site and many of them are actually free. Successful traffic generation is about using these tools in a creative and targeted way for maximum exposure.
The key is to find out where your target customers hang out and then utilize the channels they already use to attract them.
Some ways to attract visitors to your site include:
On Page & Off Page SEO – Learn more here!
content marketing ideas
Google Adwords – Needs to be targeted and can be very expensive. Especially if not managed properly.
Facebook / Instagram Ads – Again, can be expensive if untargeted. You need a game-plan and a way to bring your customers in through a journey. Don’t go for the jugular (the sale) off-the-bat because it will turn people off. Engage them with something interesting first!
Online PR – Time consuming but powerful and can deliver great results, if done in the right way.
The 3-Pack Google Business Listings – If you are a local business then you must claim your local business listing and use it to build your profile. Collect customer reviews and build your reputation. Continued work can get you into the 3-pack and ‘that is where the money is’!
Chat Forums – Yes, it can be time-consuming but you can drive some seriously valuable customers once you built trust with them.
Social Media – Use this as a conversion tool rather than a direct sales channel. Engage people and start a relationship with them!
Email Marketing – Use email to educate and bring them back to your site and into your world. Don’t do the hard-sell like 90% of other companies.
Off-site Promotions – Partner with relevant websites to generate brand interest via giveaways or intro discounts.
Sponsorships – This can work really well if you are getting in front of the wrong people. For example, just sponsoring a kids sports team or school event can get you some qualified, low-cost customers.
Increase website traffic using Paid Search Adwords
Successful PPC campaigns
Adwords or Paid Search, as it is known, is perhaps the most targeted form of paid-for advertising available. This involves bidding on specific keywords or phrases to appear in a high position on search engine page results. You can choose the keywords and phrases you want to target and you can use additional text in your adverts to explain more about a particular product or service. You can even target a geographical location down to town level. Paid ads are available from Google, MSN, Yahoo and more…
The downside to adwords marketing is that it can be very expensive, especially for smaller businesses. The reason for this is because you are competing with larger brands with the bigger budgets and they will use this power to bid up the cost per click. For this reason, you need to be clever with your approach. You need to choose niche keywords with the least competition, structure your campaigns effectively, test ad copy and subject lines and keep refining your campaign until it delivers the desired results. If you plan and set your campaign out correctly from the start you can make sure you gain cost-efficient traffic to your website. A good tip is to target longer phrases rather then just single words. The longer the phrase, the lower the cost and the less competition. Of course, the visitor traffic volumes will be lower but means the clicks you do receive are well qualified.
Gain more web traffic using SEO and an internal and external link building strategy.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an effective marketing strategy that can help you to attract FREE organic traffic to your website. If executed in the right way,  you will have a constant flow of prospective customers who will pay for your products and services.
Link building is key part of any SEO strategy because it boosts your popularity of your website so you get ranked higher. It involves capturing links from high quality websites and linking them to your own. These inbound links are seen as a recommendation or endorsement for your website, Google sees this and then  gives you a ranking boost. A website with a strong inbound link profile will gain a very high web ranking that is way above the competition.
An effective link building strategy will involve using partners, suppliers, PR, content publishing, web directories and more. This must be planned carefully. Links into your website should be earned, must be provided by free will and should only be from websites that you think compliment your online business. It’s important to look for quality and not quantity. Just a few links can make a massive difference to your ranking, the amount of visitors who find your site and, your sales.
Attract more web traffic using Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram)
social media
Everybody is aware of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram but many businesses do not understand how powerful they can be for marketing purposes. Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world along with Google. The reason for this is because people are interacting and sharing their everyday life experiences with one-another and share information through recommendations. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are perhaps the most influential form of marketing because they tend to be honest and have no ulterior motive. This is what makes social media a great tool.
Many businesses now dedicate a significant part of their marketing strategy dedicated to social media. Social media delivers the opportunity to give your business a personality and to communicate in an arena where many people spend a significant part of their day. Receiving updates is totally voluntary and sharing information is made very easy.
How should social networks be used?
You should never use social networks as a channel to sell. Social channels are about building your brand, consumer confidence and creating a conversion with your customers and potential customers. If you try to sell using social then you will fail because it will look desperate and spammy.
Although social networks give you an opportunity to increase the flow of traffic to your website they do not allow the search engines to count any links created to add to your link building campaign. Social networks generally use a ‘no follow’ tag which means search engines cannot see it.
Be aware that social media does not work for all businesses. It is sometimes difficult to for many corporate companies to apply their proposition in the right way but in most instances it is possible to approach the messaging from a different angle other than just sales. For example, you can use Twitter for real-time customer service updates, You Tube for video instruction manuals, Facebook for ethical and environmental policy awareness and Instagram for design inspiration or brand marketing. You just need to be creative and put some time aside to make it happen. Sometimes, less is more as they say.
Using Email Marketing to increase visitor traffic
Email marketing is a very cost-effective way of generating traffic. This channel can be used to promote offers, news, new product launches and more to your customer base. Email can be circulated and it is immediate so you can begin to see the results within seconds. Provided the content within your emails are relevant, you can regular communicate with your prospects and customers to enhance your brand and maintain a flow of visitor traffic into new or targeted pages on your website.
The great thing about customer email addresses is that once you have an address you can then use it to deliver timely information updates. You can also use your customers to responsibly grow your database thus improve the chances of gaining more sales. However, don’t abuse the fact that your customers have given you the right to contact them. Don’t bombard them with sales messages. Build a relationship with them and the sales will follow.
More Web Traffic Using Promotion and Special Offers.
Every customer wants to receive special offers and promotional codes because it makes them feel special and valued. These marketing tools are great for brand awareness and inbound traffic because they are often shared across many chat and competition forums, blogs and are circulated around friends. If you are creative about the promotions you create then you can consistently generate a regular flow of traffic into your site. These can be in the form of money off, free delivery, free guides, free returns or even value add freebies. Be careful not to damage your brand though!
More Web Visitors Through Content.
You can’t expect to be successful if you sit around and wait for people to come to you. To beat your competition you need to get your business out into the public domain and demand attention.
A great way of doing this is produce additional content for your website that people will want to read. This could be opinion articles about a particular subject, latest news about your business or the industry, press releases for new products or even product reviews. This type of content can be circulated across numerous forums and networks that then be found by the search engines. This method of traffic generation means that people who visit your website will be interested in what you have to say and communicate.
K, ready to talk about how we can increase your website traffic? 
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