Developing a Strong B2B Ecommerce Strategy Advanced Course

Successful B2B marketing in the digital age requires organizations to build strong, lasting relationships with their buyers. Even when it comes to ecommerce do not skimp on the value of meaningful interaction. No one wants to be another number in line. During this course we look at every aspect of making a stellar strategy that transcends into the digital era of buying. You can strengthen these relationships with content that shows deep understanding of your buyers’ business, demonstrates your willingness to understand their pain points adds incredible value. With an intelligent blend of quality content, you can make sure buyers are not only into you, but ready to take the relationship to the next level. The strategy has changed. We are now transformation from physical to digital. Sections Covered

  1. Building Your Ecommerce SWOT Analysis – Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats
  2. The Digital Age of B2B Procurement
  3. Streamlining Your Business for Ecommerce
  4. Operational Changes & Challenges
  5. Building Sustainable Relationships
  6. Technology You need To Think About That Supports Your Ecommerce Strategy
  7. Website? Cart? CRM? ERP? Integrations?
  8. Elevate SEO, Audit, Adjust & Re-index
  9. Do not skimp on content marketing.
  10. Keyword Research / Local / National / International
  11. Competitor Research
  12. Connect with your customers – How will you?
  13. Advertising – PPC is a must
  14. Shopping Campaigns – Look to our PPC shopping course where we cover shopping campaigns and smart shopping campaigns.
  15. Amazon Advertising Is a strong branding option.
  16. Landing pages that are designed to convert.
  17. Build Trust & Develop Curiosity
  18. Measuring / Dashboard & KPIs

Speed Wins

Yes, this will be a lot to cover but as they say nothing worthwhile or sustainable comes easy!