Developing a Strong B2B Ecommerce Strategy
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Developing a Strong B2B Ecommerce Strategy

Successful B2B marketing in the digital age requires organizations to build strong, lasting relationships with their buyers. Even when it comes to ecommerce do not skimp on the value of meaningful interaction. No one wants to just be another number in line.

During this course we take a look at virtually every aspect of making a stellar strategy that transcends into the digital era of buying.

You can strengthen these relationships with content that shows deep understanding of your buyers’ business, demonstrates your willingness to understand their pain points adds incredible value.

With an intelligent blend of quality content, you can make sure buyers are not only into you, but ready to take the relationship to the next level.

The strategy has changed. We are now transformation from physical to digital.

Topics Covered In this Course

Simple Swat Analysis – Strengths | Weakness | Opportunities | Threats
What B2B buyer expectations look like
Understanding Your Customers Business Model
Research into what your buyers are talking about, from the questions they most frequently ask to the web searches they perform.
Is a subject matter expert and problem solver?

Understand there buying process. This will hold true to transforming it digitally.

More people are involved in the B2B buying process

There are between one and six people involved in the purchase process at 79% of companies that were surveyed, and 44% have formal buying groups or committees that review purchases. When you’re selling to a group, it’s harder to “sell” them on your product or service than it is with just one buyer. How can you deal?

Train your customers to be self sufficient in this process. They will love you for it. It will save them time and energy and be mutually beneficial.

Provides valuable consultations and education tools. With the evolution of technology this is a must have for B2B Ecommerce.
Knows about my company’s products or services.
Enrich the commercial process.
Enable interactions first; transactions second.
Make it Simple. Make purchasing decisions easier.

That customers struggle to buy comes as a surprise to many suppliers. Many senior executives at companies around the world to describe the complex-solutions purchase process in one word. Among their responses are “hard,” “awful,” “painful,” “frustrating,” and “minefield.” We find that a typical solution purchase takes twice as long as customers expect it will. What’s more, 65% of customers tell us that they spent as much time as they’d expected to need for the entire purchase just getting ready to speak with a sales rep.

How can you help your customers in the ecommerce buying process?


To save time either for individual users or the organization overall?
To get things done with less effort.
To avoid or reduce hassles?
By providing reliable and trusted information?
By providing a clearer view into their own organization.


To be become more organized.
To reduce complexity or keep things simple?
By connecting them with others internally or externally to the organization?
By integrating your products/services with other aspects of the business?

Easy Access

By ensuing availability when and where it is needed?
By providing range or variety?
By providing products/services that can be configured to their specific needs?
Make it easy to communicate with your company. Texting is even on the menu!


Responding promptly & professionally to their needs?
Providing expertise in the customers industry or markets?
Show we are committed to the customers success?
Demonstrate stability for the foreseeable future?
Demonstrate a good cultural fit between your organizations and individuals?

Be Strategic

Protect the customers against risk or loss?
Allow the customer to extend their reach into new geographies or market segments?
Demonstrate flexibility, providing customized products/services or support?
Enable improvements in the quality of the customers own products/services?

Be authoritative
3 key characteristics of a great B2B experience
How to choose the right technology to get the job done.
Elevate SEO, Audit, Adjust & Re-index
Don’t skimp on content marketing.
Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Connect with your customers – How will you?
Advertising – PPC is a must
Shopping Campaigns – Look to our PPC shopping course where we cover shopping campaigns and smart shopping campaigns.
Amazon Advertising Is a strong branding option.
Landing pages that are designed to convert.
Build Trust & Develop Curiosity

Yes this will be a lot to cover but as they say nothing worthwhile or sustainable comes easy!