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When developing your roadmap for B2B eCommerce, you must plan for potential roadblocks. Detours along the way aren’t unusual. ERP integration is so crucial to the success of an Ecommerce implementation that if you don’t get it right it can derail the entire project. So, it’s important to carefully plan for an ERP integration and choose your Ecommerce platform wisely to minimize problems. When done successfully, an eCommerce ERP integration between platforms is crucial for leveraging the power of a fully digitized sales environment. This course covers the landmines to avoid as well as the power this can give your business.

An ERP and Ecommerce Platform Should Work Together

Ecommerce & ERP Software Front-End & Back-End Solutions

ERPs reduce a business’s risk in uncertain circumstances and are perceived to have a positive impact on organization performance, including the improvement of productivity and profitability.

Historically, however, in order to properly organize and orchestrate ERP data flow, customer-facing tool options have been limited.

This is because ERPs rely heavily on EDI and APIs to sync with outside systems.

  • EDI is the more traditional approach and still often used in B2B and wholesale channels, and Walmart specifically.
  • APIs are the more modern approach and used by SaaS services and tools that enable marketing teams to move quickly, while ensuring proper data orchestration is not disrupted.

ERPs can automate processes, enable planning and forecasting, and ultimately enable innovation by giving teams across an organization the ability to access and leverage the most up-to-date customer, product and accounting information in order to streamline business processes and create the most effective services and solutions.

In this course we will cover the following.

  • ERP Ecommerce Centric Solutions
  • ERP Framework
  • ERP Migration
  • ERP Broadcast
  • ERP Aggregation
  • ERP Systems Sync
  • ERP Solutions
  • Showcasing The Complexities Within The Tech Stack & Flow Within The Business

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