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This course covers the core topics in customer loyalty: branding, customer centricity. You will learn key principles in brand equity through product packaging and design. This is one of the key elements of steering customers to reorder from you in the future time and time again. Packaging can be a huge opportunity to build trust establish your brand and gain customer loyalty.

Whether you’re planning to start-up an e-commerce business or are facing pressure to adapt your brick-and-mortar line to ship with minimal quality issues, we’ll get you prepared with an updated primer on current regulations and things to consider.

It’s no secret that E-Commerce is the fast-moving market. Almost nine out of ten dollars of retail came from e- commerce sales. With the advent of meal kit subscription boxes like Blue Apron, and the increase in grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh, as well as increased online retail sales of personal care items over sites like and Ipsy – it follows that the demand for e-commerce friendly packaging is on the rise, and many brands are putting e- commerce first in their product development process.

What E-Commerce Customers Want & What You Need To Learn

In this course we will cover these topics!

  • Simple, Clean Packaging
  • Protected, Intact Product
  • Consistent Branding
  • Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials
  • Products That Appear Over-Packaged And Wasteful
  • Dirty or Scratched Packaging
  • Leaking Liquids
  • Small Items Packed in Large Boxes
  • & More

So enhance you repeat customers through your packaging. Take your Ecommerce business to the next level with this course.