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A lot more goes into building a successful e-commerce business than you might think. Ecommerce can be just as challenging as any other type of business. And in some cases, even more challenging than a more conventional company, simply because it is so reliant upon one single variable: a third-party platform.

Ecommerce sales are set to amass 5 Trillion in 2021.

if you’re deciding to upgrade your eCommerce software to ensure you’re getting the largest possible slice of the pie, well we’re pleased to say that you’re making a very smart move.

But choosing the best eCommerce software is not as straightforward as it seems. In fact, it is actually one of the most important decisions that you make very early on in your eCommerce journey.

To help you decide how to choose the best eCommerce platform, we’ve put together this course to help you understand the factors and considerations to keep in mind when choosing a platform.

Topics covered during this course.

  1. Section 1. What is the best ecommerce platform and does it exist?
  2. Sections 2. Types of ecommerce platforms. Which type may work for you.
  3. Section 3. Cost to build and maintain various platforms.
  4. Section 4. 10 Things to consider when choosing a platform.
  5. Section 5. Questions you need to ask yourself and your platform vendor.
  6. Section 6. Choosing a platform that will last well past tomorrow.

To put it simply, if you don’t have an eCommerce platform, it is impossible for you to compete online. An eCommerce platform is the backbone of an online retail enterprise, whether it is for a B2B or B2C company. Also, the right eCommerce platform can help to streamline how your business interacts with your clients, customers and employees.

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