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A key part of my service portfolio is to offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training to people and businesses that are looking to give their website a real boost in the search rankings and raise their online profile. We can help you rank for more of the RIGHT keywords and increase website traffic from the RIGHT customers who will buy your products and services. So whether you needs some help to grow your ecommerce store, have a business website that needs more leads, or you just want to learn SEO. What our SEO training covers Our SEO training costs are very affordable and a great deal can be achieved in this course. We will help you to focus on the areas where you will gain the fastest results. Once you have a good SEO strategy in place you can build on it and really achieve some fantastic results in-house. We can give you a strong understanding of SEO, how it works and how it can benefit your business. We will explain strategies and techniques in ‘layman’s terms’ and answer any questions along the way so you can make notes and ensure you gather as much knowledge as possible.  

SEO training day covers the following subjects: 

  • An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing
  • Understanding the ‘Search Landscape’
  • What is Google looking for?
  • Making SEO work for your business
  • Starting your SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Strategy & Research – The Foundation of an SEO Campaign
  • On Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO
  • FREE SEO Tools
  • Measuring SEO Results
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Maintaining momentum and achieve constant results

What does SEO Training cost?

Most SEO consultants will charge you $2000 or more for day of consultancy or training. 

SEO Training is included in our cooperative membership costs. 

In this cost we will train up to 6 people. So if you have other members of your business (i.e Internet Marketing Team) who you think could benefit from SEO training then we will train them too within the price.